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Newsletter Template Highlights:

newsletter 1.png

  • Add your own featured listings to appeal to potential buyers
  • Include community news to brand yourself as the neighborhood expert
  • Include market updates for your area
  • Helps you get in front of your leads
  • and more! 

How to Use:

1. Download the Microsoft Word File and open it for editing

2. Fill in your information where you see the variables surrounded by { }

  • You will see these in the header, footer, title, and body of the email

3. Replace the filler contact information on the last page with your own information and photo.

4. Add market and community news for your area, a general homeowner interest tip (we have added "how to boost curb appeal" as an example that you may use), and your local community news as well as your featured listings or just sold notices

5. Complete a final read-through and make sure that all variables have been updated with your current information. 

6. Print and send or use in an email to connect and engage with your subscribers! 

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