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Agent Fulfills Dream of Becoming a Real Estate CEO Business Owner in North Texas Through Z57

After 6 months of real estate, Brandy was motivated to take her career to the next level. With the goal of owning her own business, she knew it was time to start generating her own leads and building her own online presence outside of her current brokerage. The only problem, she didn’t know how or where to start - here's how she did it by using Z57's PropertyPulse.

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Company Biography

Milestone Premier Properties Logo-1Milestone Premier Properties, led by Brandy Landon and James Reed, is an innovative Real Estate group of motivated agents. They have a passion for making dreams come true by understanding their clients' needs and impeccable execution of real estate strategies.  The team offers decades of real estate expertise, guidance and valuable resources for buyers and sellers in the Sherman, Dension, Anna, McKinney and Celina Texas areas. 

From Math Teacher to CEO

In 2015, Brandy was teaching 6th graders math in Sherman, TX. However, in her heart, she knew she had greater passions to fulfill. So Brandy decided to pursue a different career in business. Throughout the years, she worked with a successful business guru who mentored her as she helped grow his consulting businesses exponentially. Due to her successes, she decided to focus on real estate at the beginning of 2017, earned her Texas real estate license, and joined her first brokerage later that year. Passionate and motivated, Brandy was ready to take her career to the next level after only having her license for about 6 months. She realized that if she wanted to fulfill her dream of owning her own business, she had to start generating her own leads and build her online presence. The only problem, she didn’t know how or where to start - luckily Josh from Z57 gave her a call and she decided to invest with Z57.

"About 6 months into the business, I was ready to stop taking company leads and ready to start branding myself. I joined Z57 about six months into the business and I’m glad I did!"

Brandy's + Z57's Online Marketing Strategy Equals CEO

Brandy knew she needed her own IDX website with lead capture and social media management tools to gain independence from her brokerage. Using the help center and calling Z57 support for assistance, she learned the ins and outs of Z57's PropertyPulse software as she set up her website. Using Z57's lead generation system, she welcomed alerts that notify her as soon as she captures a new lead, allowing her to call that consumer ASAP. With PropertyPulse's lead intelligence, she researches and adds detailed notes in her lead's profiles so she knows how to follow up with them. Plus, she customized her nurturing options allowing automation to nurture those leads into long-term clients.

Z57's software provided Brandy everything that she needed to brand herself, build an online presence, and generate qualified leads. With Z57's Search Engine Marketing (S.E.M.) program, she consistently receives 20+ leads per month. To stay up-to-date with her leads, Brandy checks her Z57 account every single day. Excited for new opportunities, the first thing she checks every morning are her website statistics to see how many people visited her website the previous day. Then she reviews her leads and compares them to the email notifications that she received during the previous day. Why? She wants to make sure she follows up with every lead that comes into her system.

Learning about real estate, social, and online lead generation, Brandy has grown substantially as an agent through Z57. Since she was so successful generating online leads with Z57, she was able to finally make her dream come true! In 2018, she left her brokerage and found a partner to successfully launch her own real estate business, Milestone Premier Properties.

With Z57, Brandy receives around 20+ leads each month and 17 transactions per year.


"The Z57 team is always very responsive, even when I have a lot of requests. :) I love the system and will continue to use it!"

Favorite Feature

SEM! Her philosophy, she prefers leads to come to her through attractive marketing rather than chasing leads or cold calling.

Advice to other agents

If you’re a new agent, get your online presence built as fast as you can! If you’re a seasoned agent, create systems and processes that generate leads and build your online presences.

"All of my leads are sent to me via email. So, when a lead comes in, I am notified immediately and start working the lead."

Brandy Landon & Milestone Premier Properties - Summary

  • After working as an agent for almost 6 months, Brandy wanted to take her career to the next level but couldn't do it relying on her broker for leads and a website.
  • She wanted to launch her own real estate business. She knew that in order to accomplish her goal, she needed a lead generation system and an online presence as well as learning lead generation and website development strategies. 
  • After a call from Josh, Brandy decided to invest in Z57 - which quickly paid for itself. She grew tremendously as an agent, learning how to generate online leads and develop her website. Through Z57, she became well-versed in generating leads with her new personalized website and her confidence began to skyrocket. She was so successful that she was able to live out her dream by partnering with a business partner to start her own real estate company, Milestone Premier Properties.

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