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Linda H.: From Rags to Riches in One Year

From Rags to Riches with Z57's PropertyPulse Success

Two hundred and thirty-three dollars. It might be your monthly car payment, or the budget allotted for your gas, but for Linda H. it was the lonely amount left in her bank account when she had all but given up on her future in real estate.

Linda H.REALTOR®Chamberlain Realty

After years in a failing real estate career and the loss of a child, she was stuck and considering leaving real estate altogether…but one phone call with a marketing consulting at Z57 changed her path forever. 

2018 Sales:

$3.3 Million Pending
$1 Million Closed

PropertyPulse Stats:

1,303 Leads 
657 Facebook Fans
6,500+ Monthly Post Reach

From June until October last year (2018), I went from not knowing if I could survive, to being the top agent in October with top sales, most transactions, and the highest single transactions in my local market with the help of PropertyPulse.”


Company Bio:

Linda H. is a specialized Goodlettsville licensed agent who is professional when it comes to appraising houses in Goodlettsville, Hendersonville, Nashville, and other surrounding cities. She is one of the top producing agents in the Nashville area and heads Chamberlain Realty. 

Looking Back 

Linda’s career began in 1983 when she was searching for a way to spend time with her children while pursuing a career. At the recommendation of a friend, Linda made the decision to study and take the real estate board exam. After 30 days, and a lot of worrying, she was thrilled to learn she had passed. Linda was thrilled and ready to take the market by storm. "What I didn't know about real estate didn't stop me," she says. There were 5 agents in my office that I watched intently, took a little from each one and compiled a me."

Business Before Z57

The years passed, and the initial excitement turned to despair. Linda found that marketing to new leads and following-up with past clients wasn’t her strong suit. She was on the verge or retiring and felt stuck. She wasn’t getting new leads, she suffered a loss in her family and had lost all confidence in herself. She lacked a routine, accountability and didn’t have her own branded website or the technical know-how to create one.

After hearing about Z57, she received a call that she credits with changing her entire business. She invested her last dollars in marketing with Z57 and suddenly things began to change. By the end of the month, she had leads coming in.  

With Z57, Business Began to Boom

In addition to the basic PropertyPulse package, Linda added search engine marketing (SEM) to her business as well. After coming on board with Z57, Linda began to see leads come in again. With the help if her SEM package, these leads were no longer just local, but out of state clients looking to relocate as well. With these new leads came a renewed sense of hope. That same month she reconnected with a past client who had a contract request and with that, business began to turn back around.

“Z57 was really a one stop shop for me because they maintained my website, it looked professional, use it on all of your marketing material.”

She listened to the advice she was given from the marketing consultant and started throwing herself back into her work, logged into PropertyPulse each day and started working her leads. It’s been nearly a year now and she hasn’t seen things slow down, in fact, they just seem to be gaining more momentum. In an office of 50 she continues to be the top producing agent.

Every day she continues to diligently log into PropertyPulse to see her new lead activity. Based on the lead intelligence feature, Linda can view which leads are the most active on her website. This gives her the perfect reason to call and form the beginning of a relationship.


"It gives me peace of mind knowing leads are being nurtured even if I don’t think of it.”

In addition to calling her new leads, Linda utilizes the email drip campaign to reengage older leads in her pipeline and that too has translated to more and more sales. 

 “Generally, your sphere of influence is your best resource for business.  But even they have to be reminded that I’m still in the business.  Nothing worse than someone you know listing or buying a home with someone else.”

Linda's Favorite PropertyPulse Feature

Linda enjoys the lead intelligence that allows her to see who is active on her website, interacting with her emails, and which leads seem to be the most motivated based on search patterns and behaviors. She also loves the email drip campaign feature. “I’ve been selling a long time and I always knew out of sight out of mind was my biggest marketing issue,” she says. 

“I saw a 180 degree turn around in my business in less than one year.”

Linda’s Advice to Other Real Estate Agent’s Looking to Invest with Z57

Linda whole-heartedly encourages both new and seasoned agents to try Z57. In fact, she wishes that back when she was a new agent she had a service like PropertyPulse to help her navigate.

“It has worked for me when I had given up,” she says. “When you are paying for something and commit to it, I think there was a certain accountability I had with myself and my marketing consultant.  He knew I needed a nudge from time to time and his pep talks got me through and helped me to not give up. Get as many contacts in your data base as possible.  The person in your database may not be ready but they may have a friend or relative that is, so you see your sphere expands like ripples.”


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